Consistent, accurate, reliable and high-end multi-frequency GNSS receivers.

SBG Systems

Inertial sensors based on state-of-the-art MEMS technology such as AHRS, IMU, and INS with embedded GPS.

Seafloor Systems

A leading innovator in the application of hydroacoustic sonar and unmanned marine surface vehicle technology.


Ruggedised, ultra-secure, self-healing mesh radios built to support mobile applications in the harshest environments.


Innovative multibeam echosounder technology that provides exceptionally clean, raw, data and ultra-high resolution (UHR) capabilities.

GPS Networking

Specialises in providing global positioning products and GPS solutions to enable you to effectively distribute the GPS/GNSS signal throughout your facility.


Providing one-source technology solutions from data collection to design to construction. 

ComNav Marine

Advanced navigational and positioning technology for marine, agricultural and industrial applications.

Digi International

Mission-critical machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services.


High-performance satellite positioning and heading marketplace with a robust technology foundation and a relentless focus on innovation.

Advanced Navigation

Ultra High-accurate INS and GNSS. Worlds first digital FOG technology.


Radio Communication solutions provide highspeed, wireless UHF and Spread Spectrum data radios designed for operation in harsh conditions.

Other Products

Smaller items and accessories to connect the other products in our portfolio.

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