Why Rent?

Renting is the most cost-effective way to acquire a piece of equipment without incurring all the hidden costs that are attached to the purchase of equipment. More and more organizations are switching to renting because of its benefits. Why don’t you try the RENTAL OPTION!

The benefits of renting versus owning equipment include:

  • Renting is in line with the worldwide trend toward outsourcing, allowing your department’s resources to be dedicated to core activities.
  • Rentals free up cash tied up in owning hard assets, converting fixed costs into variable costs
  • You suffer no maintenance or calibration costs when you rent
  • Rental means that we look after the storage of the equipment
  • Technical back-up is guaranteed in most locations worldwide
  • Rental gives you access to the widest range and most up-to-date technology
  • Renting allows you to limit your costs to the duration of any given project
  • Rental allows you to meet unexpected changes in project requirements
  • Rental ensures expertise in the selection of the rented equipment
  • Renting equipment for a remote project is cheaper than shipping in your own equipment from further away
  • Rentals allow better debt-to-equity ratios
  • Rental ensures that no money is tied up in equipment not being used

Equipment available in our rental pool:

  • Septentrio AsterRx2eH RTK Heading mobile
  • MGB-Tech RTK (base or mobile)
  • MGB-Tech Duo RTK GPS+GLONASS Heading┬áMobile
  • Altus APS-3M RTK Landsurvey Set (base or mobile)
  • Altus APS-3U RTK Landsurvey Set (base or mobile)
  • Altus APS-3X RTK Landsurvey Set (base or mobile)
  • Altus APS-NR2 RTK NTRIP rover
  • DIGI NTRIP Modems
  • UHF radio’s (ArWest, Pacific Crest, Mobile Expertise)
  • GPS splitters