ArWest AW400

The ArWest AW400 is an external extra rugged digital high power UHF radio transceiver programmable in frequency ranges from 406 to 470 MHz.

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The ArWest AW400 features GMSK, DBPSK, DQPSK, 4FSK, D8PSK, and D16QAM modulations with advanced forward error correction and data scrambling. The output power is programmable up to 2 W. It takes incoming data, modulates it with GMSK, FSK, PSK or most spectrum efficient QAM modulation and transmits it at RF power output levels from 13 dBm up to 33 dBm operating in 406 to 470 MHz. The UHF transceiver is also capable of receiving RF signals through a 50 Ohm impedance external antenna port. These signals are demodulated and output to the RS-232 serial port. AW400 delivers a reliable radio link at up to 38.4 kbps over the air for the 25 kHz channel spacing, 30 kbps for 20 kHz, 19.2 kbps for 12.5 kHz, and 9.6 kbps for 6.25 kHz. The unmatched features of AW400 include data scrambling, frequency hopping, user selectable transmit output power level, low power consumption sleep modes, auto-scanning for base. The unit’s user settings can be changed through the built-in Command Line interface (CLI), or through AWLaunch.

The Aw400 is fully compatible with most survey industry protocols like:

– Satel 3AS(D)
– Pacific Crest
– TrimTalk

AW400 is now replaced by AW400BT