Ekinox Hydrographic Package

SBG Systems offers a ready-to-use package especially designed for the hydrographic market. It includes a surface Ekinox-E or a subsea Ekinox-U Inertial Navigation System with a SplitBox.




High Performance for a Cost-effective Solution:

  • 0.05° Real-time Roll, Pitch & True Heading
  • 0.02° Post-processing Roll & Pitch
  • 0.03° Post-processing Heading
  • 2 cm RTK Position, 10 cm PPP Position
  • 200 Hz Output Rate
  • 48h Internal Data Logger

Advanced Real-Time and Delayed Heave:

  • 5 cm Real Time Heave
  • 2.5 cm Delayed Heave
  • Up to 50 sec wave period
  • Heave automatically adjusted to the sea state