Move Accelerometer

The Move Accelerometer provides extreme accuracy, features an integrated temperature sensor and can be deployed in industrial environments making it the ideal solution for the monitoring and modal study of large structures.

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The Move Accelerometer enables you to accurately measure, on three-axis, the acceleration of the structure on which it is installed.

Like Move’s other products, the Accelerometer is completely wireless, enabling constant remote monitoring that is active 24/7. Robust, simple to install, equipped with a battery that lasts for years and with a modular solution in mind, Move sensors can be installed without any wiring and sensors can be simply added into the network whenever you need to extend the monitoring area.


Acquired Quantities
Acceleration and temperature
14bit (250µg, 500µg, 1mg)
Accuracy (+) 250µg
(+) 32mg, (+)64mg, (+)128mg
Radio Channel
LoraWAN Communication Protocol
Autonomy Up to 2 years