Move Deck Device

The Move Deck Device measures the amplitude of the displacement within 0.01 mm and the temperature of any structure or component.

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The Move Deck Device enables you to accurately measure temperature variation and vibration frequency through a sophisticated FFT algorithm.

Like Move’s other products, the Deck Device is completely wireless, enabling quick and simple installation and remote configuration of the attention span threshold. Each sensor continuously analyses the amplitude of oscillation and records and transmits details of anomalies before and after the time of the event.


Acquired Quantities
Displacement, temperature and vibration frequency
Displacement resolution 0.012 mm – 0.024 mm
Accuracy displacement (+) 0.01 mm
Range (+) 1.5 mm = (+) 3 mm
Autonomy Up to 2 years
Radio channel
LoRa Technology (Class A and Class C): Adaptive Data Rates (ADR) – Spreading Factors – Channel Diversity – Compatible with LoRaWAN Gateway