Move Tiltmeter

The Move Tiltmeter provides extreme accuracy, features an integrated temperature sensor and can be deployed in industrial environments making it the ideal solution for monitoring large structures or static load testing.

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The Move Tiltmeterenables you to accurately measure the angle of inclination of the structure or component on which it is installed.

The tiltmeter measures the angle of inclination and the temperature of the exact point of the structure where it is installed with respect to the gravitational axis. By installing an entire system of tiltmeters, it is possible to develop the Deformation Graph of the structure. All tiltmeters can be synchronized with each other, excellent for static load tests.

Move’s innovative correction algorithm mitigates false data generated by mounting errors by collating data from all sensors within the network. This provides a highly accurate and genuine view of deformation of a structure. Furthermore, the in-built temperature sensor enables the correlation of data concerning thermal excursion and static deformation.


Acquired Quantities
The angle of inclination and temperature
Resolution 0.000015 °
Range (+) 45 °
Radio Channel
LoraWAN Communication Protocol
Autonomy Up to 8 years