RMALDCBS1X32 – 32-way Rack Mount Amplified GPS/GNSS Splitter

The RMALDCBS1X32 GPS/GNSS Rack Mount Amplified Splitter is a one input, eight output device. The frequency response covers the all GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO bands with excellent gain flatness.





In the normal configuration, the splitter is powered by a transformer that supplies power to the splitter’s amplifiers and roof antenna. The outputs are DC loaded with 200 Ohm resistors to simulate the antenna current draw. Product is ideal for timing and testing applications where the GPS carrier signal is required by up to 32 GPS/GNSS devices simultaneously.

This splitter can be ordered with the following options:

  • High Isolation

Choose one of the following connectors for this device:

  • N
  • TNC
  • BNC
  • SMA