Senceive Triaxial Tilt Sensor Node

Senceive’s Triaxial Tilt Sensor Node is an extremely stable and high precision three axis tilt sensor. The Triaxial Tilt Sensor Node reports its measurements through Senceive’s wireless communications network to a Gateway and is compatible with both Flatmesh™ and Geowan™ systems.




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Senceive’s Triaxial Tilt Sensor Node has been successfully applied in many applications, including those measuring:

  • Tunnel distortion
  • Tunnel heave/settlement
  • Embankment slippage
  • Structural movement
  • Rail track heave/settlement
  • Rail track bed cant and twist

Key Benefits

  • An integrated triaxial tilt sensor
  • Extremely low noise performance
  • Resolution of 0.0001° (0.0018mm/m) and repeatability of ±0.0005° (±0.009mm/m)
  • Integrated long-life battery
  • 12 -15 years of battery life, including when acting as a relay node within the mesh communications network
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Waterproof to IP66 / IP67 / IP68
  • Firmware is remotely upgradeable over the air via the gateway reducing costly site visits