Septentrio AsteRx Sb3 Pro+

*AsteRx SB3 Pro+ is Septentrio’s most advanced housed multi-frequency GNSS receiver. It uses the latest triple-band GNSS core technology for reliable centimeter-level RTK positioning and sub-degree heading. With flexibility to be used as a rover or a base station AsteRx SB3 Pro+ also has an ultra-high update rate and logging functionality. Enclosed in a ruggedized IP68 housing, it delivers top performance even in the harshest environments.


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*Key features

  • Flexibility to be used either as a rover or a base station (internal logging available)
  • High update rate and low latency ideal for fast moving vehicles or machine parts
  • All-in-view triple-band satellite tracking for reliable RTK positioning accuracy (cm-level)
  • Robust and compact IP68 weatherproof housing, ready for deployment
  • Triple-band GNSS heading available directly from initialization, removes reliance on vehicle dynamics or magnetic sensors
  • AIM+ advanced anti-jamming technology as part of the GNSS+ Algorithm Suite