Septentrio AsteRx-m3 Pro

*The AsteRx-m3 Pro is a compact, high-performance, ultra-low power GNSS receiver ideal for integration into demanding industrial applications where power and space are at a premium. It incorporates the latest multi-frequency multi-constellation GNSS technology as well as advanced anti-jamming algorithms for unmatched availability and reliability. This receiver is specifically designed for rover* applications, making it an ideal easy-to-integrate solution for any kinematic application where reliable high-accuracy positioning is needed. It is available in single or dual antenna mode, for high quality heading & pitch or heading & roll information.





*Key features

  • All-in-view satellite tracking on 3 frequencies
  • Best-in-class reliable RTK position accuracy (cm-level)
  • Best SWaP on the market (Size, Weight and Power)
  • AIM+  advanced anti-jamming, anti-spoofing technology as part of the GNSS+ Technology Suite
  • Easy-to-integrate rover receiver
  • GNSS heading (optional) available directly from initialization, removes reliance on vehicle dynamics or magnetic sensors