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The PNRRKIT is a Re-radiating system which allows you to re-radiate the GPS L1 carrier indoors. The PNRRKIT consists of a plug-in Re-Radiating amplifier & a Re-Radiating Antenna.



The PNRRKIT differs from the HNRRKIT in that it does not provide a roof antenna. The standard configuration does not provide source voltage to an active antenna but it may be specified.  For Example: PNRRKIT-N/110 is the standard configuration but it may also be ordered as an PNRRKIT-N/110/5 which would send 5vdc to power an active antenna.  The signal from the roof antenna is amplified and radiated out the Re-radiating antenna. If the GPS Receiver has line of sight with the Re-radiating antenna, it will receive the signal up to 30+ meter away.