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RMALDCBS1X16 – 16-way Rack Mount Amplified GPS/GNSS Splitter

*This Rack Mounted Amplified Loaded DC Blocked Splitter 1X16 (RMALDCBS1X16) is an active one input, sixteen output RF splitter that splits signals from 1.1 GHz to 1.7 GHz and has a formfactor which will fit in a server rack. This equipment is designed to amplify and split signals within the L-band to provide multiple devices with the signal from a single antenna. In the standard configuration, the J1 port will pass DC voltage from a connected device and pass this power to the antenna or other devices upline from the splitter through the antenna port. The other ports (J2-J16) are DC blocked and loaded with 200Ω resistors to simulate antenna current draw which prevents antenna alarm faults. Custom gain configuration, DC configuration, and connector configuration are available upon request. With the larger form factor, we are able to add additional equipment to meet requirements not included in the default device at an additional cost and lead time.




  • Excellent Amplitude Balance
    • Less than 1 dB variation between ports.
  • Flat Group Delay
    • Less that 1ns variation between L1 and L2.
  • High Output Gain
    • 14.0 dB gain is typical across all operationg frequencies in the standard configuration.