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Seafloor Systems Trident

*The Trident USV™ is a remote platform purpose-built for multibeam hydrographic surveys. This trimaran collects high resolution depth data via remote control or preplanned autonomous routes, and reaches areas inaccessible by larger survey vessels.

The sonar bay of the center hull allows for flexible integration of various compact multibeam systems, and the outriggers detach for one-person transport. Extend the capabilities and flexibility of your surveys with the Trident USV.


Data Sheet

*Survey Speed: 2 kn / 1.03m/s

Top Speed: 2.7kn / 1.39m/s (Payload Dependent)

Length: 1.3m / 51.2in

Width: 0.88m / 34.6in

Main Hull Material: Brushed Aluminum

Outrigger Material: UV Resistant HDPE

Hardware: Stainless Steel

Weight: 31.8kg / 70 lbs

Power: 3 x 14.8 VDC 16,000mAh LiPo batteries

Battery Endurance: 4 Hours at Survey Speed

Motor: 2 x Brushless Thruster with Weed Guard

Steering: Articulated Servo Steering

Remote Control:Taranis Q X7

Remote Control Range: Up to 1 km

GPS: Compatible with All Brands

Echosounder Package: Compact Beam Sonar Systems (Norbit, R2Sonic, etc.)