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Seafloor Systems WeeDrone

*The WeeDrone – 120 ™ is an unmanned maintenance vessel designed to efficiently maintain ponds, lakes, commercial fountains, shipyards and other aquatic features. This unmanned maintenance vessel is the first of its kind, providing semi-autonomous functionality, greatly reducing labor costs and field time. The WeeDrone-120™ allows for one person launch and recovery, multiple spray head options, and a robust payload capacity that can tackle any job.


Data Sheet

*Application Speed: 1 kn

Top Speed: 3.5 kn (Payload Dependent)

Hull Length: 1.22  m / 4 ft

Hull Width: 0.91 m / 3 ft

Height: 0.91m / 3 ft

Hull Material: UV Resistant HDPE

Empty Hull Weight: 18.14 kg / 40 lbs

Power: 24 V

Battery Endurance: 8 Hours at Survey Speed

Motor: 2x Brushless DC Outdrive

Remote Control: RCU 2.4GHz omni directional antenna

Remote Range: Up to 2 km

Available Auxiliary Equipment: Alternative Hose Nozzles, AutoNav System