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Septentrio PolaRx3G Dual-frequency GPS/GALILEO Receiver

PolaRx3G is the latest receiver in the PolaRx family of versatile high-accuracy dual-frequency GNSS receivers for precise positioning and navigation applications.

The PolaRx3G provides access to the new Galileo and modernized GPS signals and offers users the opportunity to track the new signals as they become available. Next to high-quality Galileo and GPS measurements, it provides an attractive reference station and field data logging platform for existing users of PolaRx2e as well as for new users, while maintaining the same tough housing, interfaces and features as internal data logging, event markers and others.

PolaRx3G also comes in a waterproof IP65 rugged enclosure with sturdy connectors, allowing usage in tough and remote environments. Communication with the units is easy with TCP/IP access over Ethernet.