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GPS receivers are fundamental components in modern maritime navigation, providing precise location and timing information essential for safe and efficient operations. At Navigation Solutions Europe, we offer a wide range of high-performance GPS receivers tailored to meet the unique demands of maritime applications.

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What purpose do GPS receivers serve?

GPS receivers are used to determine a vessel’s exact position, velocity, and time by receiving signals from a network of satellites. For instance, a GPS dual-frequency receiver can access two different signals from satellites, significantly enhancing accuracy and reducing errors caused by atmospheric disturbances. These advanced receivers are ideal for applications requiring high precision, such as hydrographic surveying, dynamic positioning, and navigation in challenging environments. Additionally, GNSS receivers, which include GPS along with other satellite systems, provide even greater accuracy and reliability by using multiple satellite constellations. By integrating our GPS receivers into your navigation systems, you can ensure optimal performance and safety for your maritime operations.

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