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An inertial navigation system, also known as INS, is one of the many devices that we sell in our specialized store. Navigation Solutions Europe is located in Culemborg, in The Netherlands, but ships products all around the world. As experts in different navigational systems, such as an inertial navigation unit, we have the required experience to provide you with high-quality devices.

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Do you want to know the exact physics of our inertial navigation unit?

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How does an inertial navigation system work?

An INS makes use of different environmental sensors with which the device can detect and measuring changes in motions. This does not only allow it to present you with an accurate location of an object, but the inertial navigation unit also measures the relation between its starting point and its current position. This advanced navigation system uses sensor data to do so. In the field of maritime GPS solutions, we often call this dead-reckoning.

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Different sensors that are used or can be combined with this unit

If you use an inertial navigation unit, you will immediately notice the two primary sensors. The first one is the accelerometer, which measures velocity in a linear motion. For rotational velocity you can use the gyroscope. Do you want to expand your inertial navigation system beyond these two sensors and create an even more accurate and comprehensive attitude and heading reference system? Then it might be interesting to add one of the following sensors: GNSS receivers, magnetometers, pressure sensors. Many of our GPS solutions and inertial navigation units, however, already have these extra sensors built in.

Learn the ins and outs of inertial navigation

Do you want to know the exact physics of our inertial navigation unit and learn how this system is built? We have an extensive introduction to INS available online. For more information or even to order one of our systems, you are welcome to fill out our contact form. We will gladly provide you with the necessary answers.