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At Navigation Solutions Europe, we offer advanced MRU INS products tailored for the maritime industry. MRU INS (Motion Reference Unit Inertial Navigation Systems) are essential tools to accurately measure and compensate a vessel’s motion in all six degrees of freedom. These systems provide critical data on pitch, roll, and heave, ensuring the stability and accuracy of navigation and positioning systems under various sea conditions.

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MRU INS for motion reference

MRU INS are pivotal for dynamic positioning and other navigation applications. By delivering precise motion data, MRU INS enhances the performance of dynamic positioning systems, allowing vessels to maintain a fixed position and heading with high accuracy. A motion reference unit is crucial for operations such as offshore drilling, construction, and survey missions, where even minor deviations can lead to significant operational challenges. Our MRU INS products integrate seamlessly with other advanced navigation systems, providing a comprehensive solution for accurate and reliable maritime operations.

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