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4-way Amplified Splitter


The ALDCBS1X4 GPS Amplified Splitter is a one input, four output device with a 17dB min. gain block. The frequency response covers the GPS L1, L2 and GLONASS bands with excellent gain flatness. In the normal configuration, the splitter RF output (J1) passes DC from the connected GPS receiver through the splitter to the antenna, allowing the GPS receiver to power both the antenna and the splitter amplifier. The other RF outputs (J2, J3, J4) are DC loaded with 200 Ohm resistors to simulate the antenna current draw.



This splitter can be ordered with the following options:

  • Networking  (External Power Supply)
  • High Isolation
  • Weatherproofing

Choose one of the following connectors for this device:

  • N
  • TNC
  • BNC
  • SMA