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Ekinox Land Solution: Positioning & Data Georeferencing

Ekinox Land Solution combines Ekinox Inertial Navigation System with wheel speed sensor and RTK GNSS Reference Station to provide accurate positioning in a cost-effective package. To save you both time and money, we have tested and selected the best equipment to build a cost-effective and all-in-one package – Ekinox Land Solution.



High Performance for a Cost-effective Solution:

  • 0.05° Real-time Roll, Pitch & True Heading
  • 2 cm Position (GNSS RTK)
  • Post-processing Software (0.02° Roll, Pitch; 0.03° Heading)

All-in-one GNSS & Inertial Solution:

  • Robust Position even during GPS Outages
  • Survey Grade GNSS
  • 200 Hz Output Rate
  • 48h Internal Data Logger
  • Rugged & Waterproof System
  • Event marker at up to 1kHz

Mobile Positioning Solution: Inertial Navigation System + Odometer + RTK Base Station

Vehicle positioning in urban canyons, forest, or tunnel has always been challenging. The combination of Ekinox Inertial Navigation System with complementary technologies such as wheel speed sensor and RTK GNSS is the key to provide smooth vehicle positioning and data georeferencing even during GPS outages.