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Septentrio AsteRx2eH OEM

The AsteRx2eH OEM by Septentrio Satellite Navigation is an OEM dual-antenna dual-frequency GNSS heading receiver board that is suitable for strenuous marine survey, machine control and other applications that require multi-antenna capability. It can be mounted on a single board.




Precise and solid heading calculation

544 channels for tracking all known and future signals from GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, NavIC, QZSS & SBAS on both antennas

Centimetre-level (RTK) and dm-level (PPP) position accuracy

Septentrio GNSS+ algorithms for solid performance even in regions of evaluated ionospheric activity

Multiple Connections Options

Integrated cellular modem, Bluetooth and WiFi; optional UHF radio

The AsteRx2eH OEM receiver is board equipped with two antennas that feed 272 multi-frequency tracking channels to provide centimeter-level RTK positioning. It also works well where signals are obstructed. Moreover, the receiver offers robust tracking of weak signals, tracking under high vibration conditions, and advanced code and multipath mitigation technology.


  • Dual-frequency L1/L2 tracking for GPS/GLONASS signals
  • 136 channels for tracking visible satellites
  • 3 SBAS channels
  • Power management controlled by user
  • Internal data logging in housed receiver
  • 4 high-speed serial ports
  • 1 full speed USB port