Septentrio Mosaic-CLAS

*Septentrio mosaic-CLAS is a multi-constellation GNSS receiver packaged in a low-power surface mount module. With a wide array of interfaces, mosaic-CLAS has been specifically designed for the needs of mass market applications like robotics and autonomous systems. This highly reliable, multi-frequency module supports the dedicated L6 signal enabling convenient plug-and-play sub-decimeter accuracy thanks to the integrated PPP-RTK correction service: Centimeter Level Augmentation Service (CLAS) provided by Japan’s Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS, aka Michibiki).





*Key features

  • Small size, big performance
  • Multi-constellation, multi-frequency including L6 CLAS support
  • Best-in-class RTK performance
  • AIM+ unique interference monitoring and mitigation system + advanced other GNSS+ algorithms
  • Industry-leading ultra-low power consumption
  • Easy-to-integrate
  • Japan’s Centimeter Level Augmentation Service (CLAS) integrated