Septentrio Mosaic-H

*With dual-antenna input, mosaic-H provides precise and reliable heading combined with centimeter-level RTK positioning.

Dual antenna heading capabilities in such a small form factor opens the door to unmatched automation and navigation performance in both static and dynamic states combined with reduced power consumption.

With dual antenna GNSS, heading & pitch or heading & roll information is available immediately from the start, removing reliance on movement and helping initialization of INS solutions. It also provides an alternative to magnet-based heading sensors, which can be effected by metal.






*Key features

  • Dual antenna support for accurate and reliable heading & pitch or heading & roll
  • Multi-constellation, multi-frequency
  • Advanced anti-jamming, anti-spoofing solutions with AIM+ technology
  • Industry-leading ultra-low power consumption
  • Easy-to-integrate, optimized for automated assembly with the standard mosaic footprint