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Vector Compact GPS Compass

The Seapilot Vector Compact makes your Seapilot Navigation Application and other navigational systems even better! It gives very precise and fast heading information at all courses.



Navigational systems such as radars, autopilots, sonars etc., that depend on compass heading information will significantly improve their performance. The Seapilot Vector Compact is based on the same unit as the True Heading Vector Carbon making the installation very easy, and thanks to the technology used in the unit, the Seapilot Vector Compact has a unique ability to withstand multi-path problems – even in the most difficult environment!

The heading information from the Seapilot Vector Compact will give you exceptional heading data superior to a flux-gate compass with rate sensors – but at similar cost! Additionally, you will get high accurate GPS information (POS, SOG and COG)!

The Seapilot Vector Compact provides heading, as well as position, information at an update rate of up to 10 Hz (real time). It has integrated SBAS DGPS capability and it is equipped with rate gyro sensors that supports the unit during quick changes in direction, giving an unprecedented accuracy.

The Seapilot Vector Compact comes in two versions:

NMEA2000 or,
NMEA0183, with the possibility to configure the output ports individually.

If selecting the NMEA0183 version, you have the possibility to configure two NMEA output ports totally different from each other.
This means that you can e.g. set Port A to send HDT@10Hz update rate @4.800 baud, and Port B can be set to be send e.g. HDT@10Hz, HDM@10Hz and RMC@10Hz update rate @9.600 baud.