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R2Sonic multibeam sonars are essential tools in the field of hydrographic surveying, providing high-resolution, accurate mapping of the seafloor. At Navigation Solutions Europe, we specialize in offering the latest in multibeam sonar technology, including the renowned R2Sonic multibeam sonars. These advanced systems use multiple beams to cover a wide swath of the seabed in a single pass, ensuring comprehensive and precise data collection.

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Why choose R2Sonic multibeam sonars?

R2Sonic multibeam sonars are known for their exceptional data quality and high resolution, allowing for detailed and accurate seafloor mapping. Additionally, as a type of multibeam echosounder, they provide superior coverage and precision compared to traditional single-beam echosounders. Secondly, these sonars are highly versatile, capable of operating in various depths and environments, from shallow coastal areas to deep oceanic trenches. Additionally, R2Sonic offers innovative features such as selectable frequencies and real-time data processing, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of surveys. For any maritime operation requiring reliable and precise underwater mapping, R2Sonic multibeam sonars provide the optimal solution.

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To explore how R2Sonic multibeam sonars can benefit your hydrographic surveying projects, contact us to inquire about our GPS solutions. At Navigation Solutions Europe, our team is dedicated to helping you select the best sonar system to meet your specific requirements. Request a quote today by filling out our contact form or calling us at +31 345 532 427. Enhance your maritime operations with the cutting-edge technology of our system integration service.