Septentrio AsteRx-U3 Marine

*The AsteRx-U3 MARINE is designed for marine survey and construction users. It is a multi-frequency GNSS receiver offering precise GNSS positioning and heading with enhanced Iridium and Inmarsat uplink interference mitigation.





*Key features

  • Full-constellation, triple-frequency satellite tracking on both antennas
  • Sub-degree GNSS heading & pitch or heading & roll
  • Centimeter-level (RTK) performance and sub decimeter-level (PPP) position accuracy
  • L-band reception, robust against Iridium and Inmarsat uplink interference
  • Support for FUGRO Marinestar corrections
  • AIM+ unique interference mitigation system as part of the advanced GNSS+ algorithm suite
  • Integrated UHF radio, cellular modem, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi