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Are you looking for a global positioning system? Navigation Solutions Europe is a specialist in all types of GPS and GNSS systems. We also specialize in hydrography and wireless mesh solutions. While we are located in Culemborg in the Netherlands, we are known worldwide for our high-quality products.

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Extensions for your global positioning system

A global positioning system, better known as a GPS, is a navigation system that uses satellite-based radio to provide an accurate depiction of your location. The systems can be used in cars to drive around places easily, even if you have never been there before. The more advanced navigation can be used for much more than that. To make sure that the reach and abilities are to your wishes, you will need our GPS solutions. When working in the maritime sector, you will definitely be able to make good use of our GPS compass. Another device that is indispensable is our GPS dual-frequency receiver, which can receive radio signals from two satellites. This will reduce environmental interferences and make your global positioning system more accurate.

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