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Apogee-E: Versatile Inertial Navigation System

Apogee-E is a highly accurate Inertial Navigation System that connect to a SplitBox GNSS or any survey grade external GNSS receiver for optimal navigation. The ITAR Free Apogee-E is the most accurate and versatile INS based on the robust and cost-effective MEMS technology.



High Accuracy:

  • 0.008° Roll & Pitch (RTK)
  • 0.02°   Heading  (Depends on GNSS receiver)
  • 1 cm    Position (Depends on GNSS receiver)
  • 5 cm    Real-time Heave
  • 2 cm    Delayed Heave

Apogee-E embeds:

  • The latest MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers
  • A Web Interface for Easy Configuration
  • A 48h Internal Data Logger for Post-processing

Positioning with an External GNSS receiver

The Apogee-E connects to any survey grade GPS/GNSS receiver to provide navigation data. GNSS information is fused in real-time with inertial data to provide the best performance. It features a unique GNSS error model to take into account every receiver specific behaviours.

Positioning with a SplitBox GNSS

The SplitBox GNSS integrates the latest generation tri-frequency GNSS receiver that supports RTK and Precise Point Positioning (Marinestar, TerraStar, Veripos, OmniSTAR, etc.). It also provides raw data for Post-Processing. The SplitBox GNSS embeds a Dual Antenna receiver for highly accurate and robust heading in every dynamic conditions.

Extensive Heave Calculation

The Apogee provides a real-time heave accurate to 5 cm. For more simplicity, the user doesn’t have to enter the wave frequency; the Apogee automatically detects it and constantly adjusts to it.

Apogee comes also with a unique delayed heave feature with no additional software nor user action. This specific algorithm allows a more extensive calculation, resulting in a heave accurate to 2 cm displayed in real-time with a little delay.