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Digi Connect WAN 3G Dual Antenna

Digi Connect WAN products provide high-performance wireless communications via GSM (GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA) networks for primary and backup connectivity to remote locations. They offer an easy and cost-effective means of connecting virtually any remote or mobile location into the corporate IP network.

They are ideal for use where wired networks (e.g., lease line/frame relay, CSU/DSU, fractional T1) are not feasible or where alternative network connections are required. Benefits include instant deployment, elimination of wiring costs and problems due to wire breaks, the ability to traverse firewalls, and the ability to move the connection virtually anywhere.

The latest development is to deliver the this unit with a dual antenna setup. With this setup the coverage of you operators network will improve. The units uses diversity between both antennas to get the maximum signal strength.

For maritime positioning applications we can program these modems to connect to virtually any correction provider through NTRIP or direct IP. With those corrections GPS receivers can work in RTK modus. We have tested the Digi Connect WAN 3G with the following correction providers:

  • 06-GPS (NL)
  • LNR NET (NL)
  • QPoS (NL+B)
  • FLEPOS (B)
  • SAPOS (D)
  • ASCOS (D)
  • TERIA (F)
  • TOPNET (Europe (partly))