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XPLORA One presents an affordable GNSS signal generator that is ideal for in-lab testing of general-purpose applications. Its compact and lightweight design, along with ease of use, makes it a suitable choice for anyone seeking to conduct optimal testing of GNSS receivers.

If you're looking for a comprehensive GNSS Signal Simulator solution, XPLORA One is the perfect choice. This all-in-one package includes the XPLORA Core and the Ettus USRP GNSS signal generator, eliminating the need for an additional dedicated GPU/processor. This means it can be connected to any PC or laptop, which is ideal for general in-lab testing. However, XPLORA One's versatility makes it suitable for critical infrastructure, allowing for internal testing of devices that rely on GNSS receivers. With 1 or 2 RF outputs available, XPLORA One offers many of the proven XPLORA Core features in a cost-optimized variant. Choose XPLORA One for a reliable and effective GNSS Signal Simulator solution.


Supported GNSS signals

  • GPS: L1 C/A, L2C, L5
  • Galileo: E1 B/C, E5a-I/Q, E5b-I/Q
  • GLONASS: G1 C/A, G2 C/A
  • BeiDou: B1, B2
  • SBAS: L1 C/A

Bandwidth: up to 120 MHz per RF output
Constellation update rate: up to 250 Hz
Resolution: up to 2 x 16 bit (complex I/Q)
Operating system: Linux
Logging capabilities

  • Time related parameters
  • Simulated vehicle trajectory parameters
  • Receiver antenna parameters
  • Satellite trajectory parameters
  • Satellite transmit antenna parameters
  • Received signal parameters

Automotive add-on: stand-alone web service that allows route planning for road traffic