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Septentrio Altus APS3G

The Altus APS3G is a high precision GNSS receiver from Septentrio aimed at survey applications. With an integrated UHF radio and the latest GNSS technology, the Altus APS3G guarantees superior accuracy, improved performance, longer battery life and higher flexibility on-site no matter the environment.




It is a modern solution for your surveying needs. Thanks to its unique power efficiency, the Altus APS3G delivers more than a day's functionality one battery charge. The robust mobile-phone technology provides a hassle-free real-time network connection on demand while the latest UHF radio enables use of longer baselines.

Septentrio’s open technology allows the Altus APS3G to be fully compatible with all other hardware and software solutions thus maximising the use of existing equipment and driving down the cost of ownership. The Altus APS3G is easily adaptable from a data collector via Blue- tooth for both Base and Rover operation.

The latest versions of SurvCE and Septentrio's FieldGenius allow you to control the receiver and to easily perform survey data collection.

Key features

  • 544 channels for all-in-view signal tracking
  • Robust RTK position accuracy and TerraStar L-band support
  • The most advanced radio interference mitigation technology (AIM+)
  • Latest UHF radio technology for stable connections over long distances in remote areas
  • Longest battery life on the market delivering 12-14 hours of functionality
  • All-in-one with base and rover functionality