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Septentrio AsteRx-m UAS

The Septentrio AsteRx-m UAS is a small (credit card size), RTK-accurate GPS/GLONASS receiver with power consumption that is extremely low. Coupled with the GeoTagZ software suite, this UAS board and its camera and image processing solution provides centimetre-accurate position (less than 700mW) image tagging that doesn’t require a real time data link.




Precise and solid heading calculation

544 channels for tracking all known and future signals from GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, NavIC, QZSS & SBAS on both antennas

Centimetre-level (RTK) and dm-level (PPP) position accuracy

Septentrio GNSS+ algorithms for solid performance even in regions of evaluated ionospheric activity

Multiple Connections Options

Integrated cellular modem, Bluetooth and WiFi; optional UHF radio

Built and designed around the GReCo 3 GNSS chipset, it can be used specifically by the drone market. You can seamlessly integrate the AsteRx-m UAS into your systems.


  • Real Time Kinematic position accuracy
  • Septentrio GNSS+ algorithms
  • Low and scalable power consumption
  • Plug compatible with ArduPilot and Pixhawk
  • Camera shutter synchronisation