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Septentrio AsteRx3 OEM

Septentrio Satellite Navigation’s AsteRx3 OEM receiver is designed for rugged industrial applications. It tracks Galileo, GLONASS and GPS signals reliably.



It also offers several new tracking positioning algorithms that enable the receiver to operate reliably in difficult industrial applications. These include Galileo AltBOC tracking, advanced multipath mitigation algorithm APME, LOCK+ for outstanding tracking stability where high vibrations occur, RTK+ for larger baselines and fast initialization, and the company’s Advanced Interference Mitigation (AIM+) technology.

The unit is compatible with AsteRx2 and AsteRx2e GLONASS/GPS receivers. This allows users seamless transfer to modern GNSS signals.

The AsteRx3 receiver provides centimeter-level positioning. It delivers a number of measurements up to 100 Hz raw data and RTK positions up to 25 Hz. Furthermore, the company’s A Posteriori Multipath Estimator (APME+) tackles short-delay multipath, which enhances measurement and position data quality.


  • Multi-frequency Galileo, GLONASS, GPS signal tracking
  • Compass ready
  • Raw data output: code, carrier, navigation data
  • Moving base support
  • A Posteriori Multipath Estimator technology
  • Power management user controlled
  • Intuitive GUI RxControl included