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Choke Ring AT1675-120

AT1675-120 Choke ring antenna is known for very smooth, with minimal ripple, amplitude and phase pattern. Therefore, provide excellent ability to reject multipath signal from source. The path uses to take signal from source to receiver can be use for to measure the distance between the two.

In a GPS ground based receiver, a choke ring antenna can provide millimetre precision measurements for surveying and geological measurement applications. Surveyors use absolute locations to make maps and determine property boundaries. Our choke ring uses four concentric cylinders around a central antenna and manufacture with AS9100 compliant.

Model Number

LNA Gain





L1 L2


G1 G2


AT575-90 26 or 36 Yes - - - - -
AT2775-43 26 or 36 Yes Yes


- -


AT1675-3 26 or 36 Yes Yes - Yes Yes -
AT1675-120 39 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Note: ‘-‘ denotes signal not supported
'LNA' denotes Low Noise Amplify