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True Heading Vector Carbon GPS Compass

True Headings Vector Carbon is a GPS compass that gives a precise true heading and positioning to a radar, sonar, electronic charts, autopilot and AIS. It has a smart antenna design that does not require external processor or display, which simplifies installation and reduces the need for other equipment.


Vector Carbon

Vector combines two GPS receivers in a housing. Everything is built-in the antenna, and no other devices need to be installed. By using a sophisticated algorithm VECTOR CARBON has a true rate accuracy of +/-1°. This is much better than any ordinary compasses on smaller commercial craft and pleasure boats, but at similar cost

Vector Carbon provides updated location information of up to 20 Hz and also true heading rate update of up to 20 Hz. It has integrated DGPS source in the form of WAAS and EGNOS. Vector Carbon is equipped with a rate gyro, that supports the receiver for quick changes of direction, giving an unprecedented accuracy. Vector Carbon has an position accuracy of + /-1 m with DGPS.