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EZSurv™ GNSS Post-Processing Software

EZSurv™ GNSS post-processing software is a fully automated solution designed to easily process raw GNSS data from different receiver brands. It is an open solution that processes GPS as well as Glonass signal.



With EZSurv™, all you need is your GNSS data files and a link to the Internet. At the touch of a single key, EZSurv™ search the WEB to retrieve the best base station data to process your data using its sophisticated and rigorous algorithms that secure the best out of your GNSS raw data. EZSurv™ is compatible with multiple base station networks as well as multiple raw data formats. It provides all the flexibility you need with its graphical (Plan View) and Windows Explorer (Project Manager) user interfaces.EZSurv™ is available in different versions according to your receiver type (single/dual frequency and GPS/Glonass) and the accuracy needed.Key EZSurv Advantages

  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Project Manager for easy data handling
  • Data archiving capability
  • Fully automated Base Station search to post-process Rover data
  • Multiple mapping system supports
  • Rigorous Noise Reduction System (NRS) to smooth noisy data
  • Support for all kinds of processing modes
  • Single keystroke to automatically launch all processing steps
  • Advanced quality control tools
  • Compatible with many GNSS receivers raw format