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PPS Splitter

This PPS splitter has 2 inputs for GNSS receivers. The front panel switch makes it possible to select which GNSS receiver is used as PPS reference. The front panel LED shows when a PPS is received. The input PPS pulse is stretched to a length (25 ms) which is common for multi beams and other survey equipment. The the PPS is split and amplified. Each output has its own amplifier so no cross talk is present.

  • Input connectors : 2 x BNC female & 2 x Sub-D-male connectors
  • Input range: 3.3 - 5 volt
  • Output connectors : 10 x 9-pin Sub-D female
  • Pin 5 : GND
  • Pin 1 : 5 volt PPS to 50 Ohm load (same signal as on BNC connector)
  • Pin 6 : RS232 level pulse
  • Pin 8 : RS232 level toggled output
  • Output connectors : 10 x BNC-female 5 volt PPS to 50 Ohm load