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Septentrio AsteRx2eL OEM

Septentrio Satellite Navigation’s AsteRx2eL OEM receiver accepts dual-frequency GLONASS/GPS signals. With its built-in L-band modem, it can process augmented GNSS data sent by satellite. Wide-area differential as well as Precise Point Positioning (PPP) enable decimeter position calculation all over the globe.

The PPP technology is suited for marine applications or remote areas where the infrastructure for making corrections is lacking. It can also be used to complement RTK in places where corrections are not available all the time.

Furthermore, the OEM board is completely shielded to eliminate EMI problems. A RxTools pack contains an intuitive RxControl GUI for receiver monitoring and configuration. Among other things this includes several tools for planning missions, logging data, replaying and analyzing, and reporting.


  • Support GLONASS/GPS signals
  • Integrated L-band receiver
  • RTK centimeter and PPP decimeter level position accuracy
  • User control of power management
  • RAIM is included
  • Company’s GNSS+ algorithms support heavy industrial performance
  • Complete EMI shielding
  • Comprehensive GNSS SW toolset